Artpop Cosmetics is beginning to make a name for themselves and the best gift to give out to the amazing Artpop fans is our very first collection! With over 6 month in development, design, development, formulating and testing we are beyond excited to announce the Freakshow Collection for 2019.

This collection will feature dark and vibrant colors to dominate the beauty industry! With mattes, metallics, palettes, a whole new lip kit and our first official brush set you will be dying to join us freaks in standing out! The official set was inspired by the different people who live on this earth, and that no matter what makes you different YOU are still beautiful.

We are uniting together to build the ultimate collection of fun, excitement and of course beautiful! This collection will be released sometime next year, so keep an eye out for sneak peeks, ads, commercials, reveals, etc. You will not want to miss out on this!!

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