Artpop Cosmetics (Artpop) is proud to announce Megan Bomgaars, one of the stars of A&E’s Primetime Emmy Award-winning TV show “Born This Way,” as Artpop’s official spokeswoman starting today.

Bomgaars is known for creating the nation wide “Don’t Limit Me” movement, one founded on the principle of “being fully included in her community while overcoming limitations,” according to Megan Bomgaars’ website. In collaboration with Artpop, she will take part in launching a new campaign titled Everyone Deserves to Feel Beautiful (#EveryoneDeservesToFeelBeautiful) and will have the opportunity to build her own Artpop product line set to release in the summer of 2019. Bomgaars will speak on behalf of herself and Artpop at major cosmetic conventions, launch parties and in all brand campaigns.

From the Artpop Cosmetic family, we want to give one last heartwarming welcome to Megan Bomgaars to the company as the empowering and beautiful spokeswoman.

Megan Bomgaars and Artpop’s executives are available for interview.  For press access and more information, please reach out to communication strategist Casey Camacho|

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