Questions are a part of life, and so is curiosity. So here are the most asked questions, hoping that these will help answer your inquiry. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us at Thank you for helping us bring pop culture into the cosmetic industry! 

Do you test your products on animals?

Absolutely not! If there is one thing we are most passionate about it’s the safety of animals. We have never nor will we ever test a single product on an animal, no matter what the requirements are. Animals are amazing creatures and should be treated with love and passion, never used for testing purposes.

Do your products contain paraben?

Our products are clear from all sustaining chemicals that can harm the skin. We would rather throw away expired products, than throw on some life extending crap that irritates skin. We don’t care about losing a little bit of money, we care most about the healthiness of your skin!

Do your products contain harsh chemicals?

NOPE! We are all about the safety of our skin, the canvas we were born with deservers to be treated like a temple! Our products were designed to last, look amazing and provide healthy advantages to the skin.

I'm an influencer, how do I receive products for reviewing?

We love working with influencers who are interested in reviewing and sharing the news of our products. If you have a large following, provide amazing content to your fans and want to share something new with them, please email us at Provide us links, info and contact methods.

We are interested in collaborating, who should we contact?

Artpop Cosmetics welcomes collaboration requests to help build an incredible product or collection. To get started please contact our office at +1 (415)-787-7389 (Ext. 0003) and provide as much information as you can. Our company welcomes requests from celebrities, influencers, companies and wholesalers.

Product Support & Delivery

If you have questions regarding product support and delivery please see the below questions to find an answer. We hope we are able to help you out, if not please use the above email to get an answer from our support team.

Do you offer international sales?

We can’t forget about our international friends! We of course offer international sales, sadly we are not able to provide sales to Chinese inhabitants due to the animal testing requirement for China. If laws change that do not require animal testing we will offer sales in China, but as of 2018 we will not be able to offer sales there.

I received a damaged product?

We are sorry to hear about this inconvenience and will be glad to replace that product for you! If a product is damaged please visit our support page by clicking HERE.

What is your returns policy?

All returns must be placed within 30 days of purchase date, extensions are provided to International Consumers only due to lengthy shipping time (With valid reasoning). All returns must contact to receive a return label. After the 30 days, we are not able to accept returns.

What should I do if my order hasn't been delivered yet?

All products are shipped via the USPS, during the processing phase for the order you should have received a tracking ID. Please use that tracking ID to receive updates on your package, if your product is not delivered within the time noted on the USPS website, we encourage you to contact their support. If they are not able to provide assistance we will gladly follow up with the shipment.

What qualifies as a return and/or exchange?

Returns and/or exchanges are only provided if the product was damaged or never delivered. Incorrectly ordered products do not qualify for a return but we do offer a 1 time exchange.


This section provides some off-topic answers as well as special options for requests, comments, concerns and more.

Do you offer donations?

Under certain circumstances our company does offer product donations to foundations and or events that benefit empowering movements. For other events or requests please contact and provide a brief description of your request.

How do I join the affiliate program?

Our affiliate program was designed to provide a fun and easy way to share the brand whilst also making some extra cash along the way! The program is on application basis only, so to get started you’ll just need to go here to discover more information and where to apply.

Do you offer sponsorships?

Artpop Cosmetics does provide sponsorships to those that meet our requirements and are in line with our ethics and morales. If you are an influencer, company, foundation and/or event please contact for more information and how to make a request.

How can we carry your products for our store or subscription box?

If you are interested in carrying our products we use to provide wholesale options. Please visit us HERE to apply for a chance to carry our products. For custom collections please visit the above FAQ section up top.

How do we request interviews with executives?

If you are interested in interviewing any of our executives please contact and provide as much information as possible for review. If the request interests our executives we will respond back, if we are not available for interviews we will graciously deny the request and/or reschedule.

We are a beauty school, can you conduct a workshop?

If you are a beauty school and/or master class organizer we can provide one of our Brand Ambassador Professionals to teach a workshop or class using our products.

I'm a beauty student, how do I purchase the StudentKit?

All registered beauty students are able to purchase the StudentKit by Artpop Cosmetics. To get started please click here to fill out the student application and once reviews you will be provided a link to purchase the product.