Artpop Cosmetics (Artpop) is proud to announce Megan Bomgaars, one of the stars of A&E’s Primetime Emmy Award-winning TV show “Born This Way,” as Artpop’s official spokeswoman starting today.

Bomgaars is known for creating the nation wide “Don’t Limit Me” movement, one founded on the principle of “being fully included in her community while overcoming limitations,” according to Megan Bomgaars’ website. In collaboration with Artpop, she will take part in launching a new campaign titled Everyone Deserves to Feel Beautiful (#EveryoneDeservesToFeelBeautiful) and will have the opportunity to build her own Artpop product line set to release in the summer of 2019. Bomgaars will speak on behalf of herself and Artpop at major cosmetic conventions, launch parties and in all brand campaigns.

From the Artpop Cosmetic family, we want to give one last heartwarming welcome to Megan Bomgaars to the company as the empowering and beautiful spokeswoman.

Megan Bomgaars and Artpop’s executives are available for interview.  For press access and more information, please reach out to communication strategist Casey Camacho|

Tis’ the season to be beautiful! Artpop introduces 3 Holiday kits for you to enjoy and share with loved ones or… (treat yourself to a present this year). Holiday kits include;

  • “Better Matte than Never Kit” – $59.99
  • “Let it glow Nude Kit” – $29.99
  • “Better Not Pout Kit” – $34.99

Each kit including some of our top selling products on the market! Get the perfect gift of top selling colors and Artpop products! Our creative team have come up with beautiful white and silver packaging which makes it the perfect gift to give.

Kits will become available for sale on 11/18/18 with Pre-orders staring 11/15/18. Limited quantity available, so once they are sold out, they will be gone until next year! Do not miss out. 

Artpop Cosmetics is beginning to make a name for themselves and the best gift to give out to the amazing Artpop fans is our very first collection! With over 6 month in development, design, development, formulating and testing we are beyond excited to announce the Freakshow Collection for 2019.

This collection will feature dark and vibrant colors to dominate the beauty industry! With mattes, metallics, palettes, a whole new lip kit and our first official brush set you will be dying to join us freaks in standing out! The official set was inspired by the different people who live on this earth, and that no matter what makes you different YOU are still beautiful.

We are uniting together to build the ultimate collection of fun, excitement and of course beautiful! This collection will be released sometime next year, so keep an eye out for sneak peeks, ads, commercials, reveals, etc. You will not want to miss out on this!!

You have been asking and now its time we go ahead and give it to you wonderful people! Our Ritzy Nude Matte Liquid Lipstick is here and glamorous! A sleek and long lasting lipstick is what makes you stand out during the day. So let’s start turning heads and putting that nude on our lips!

Pre-orders are still in motion and ready for your to start! Get yours now before it sells out.


So obviously many of you know that we have NEVER nor will we EVER test on an animal what-so-ever. We are very excited to announce though that as of 8-18-18 we are official an approved animal cruelty free brand by PETA. This means so much to us, as we just want to ensure that we stand by what we say. Our brand will never compromise the loving creatures we adore to test our products on. It’s important to stand up for these creatures and give them the same rights. They do not deserve to be tortured or abused in any way shape or form.

So again, we are beyond excited to share with you this major milestone in our brands life. Being something that will only continue to get better and better as new laws come into place protecting animals.

We are very excited to announce that a Bill has been approved for votes that will ban all products in CA that have been or test on animals. We are beyond excited for this bill as it is something we have been calling for since the beginning of our line. These beautiful creatures deserve nothing but love, cuddles and kisses. Not torture!

We will be attending the August 14th event that will be an official rally for the bill, we will be giving away some awesome gifts and bringing in some celebrity guests and local talent. So come join us at the capital on August 14th to stand together to ensure the bill is passed.

We will forever be an Animal Cruelty Free cosmetic line, and will never adjust our ethics to society. Like or leave it, we are what we are and we love our furry babies!


Read more about the Bill here:

Wham, Bam, POP! The new PoP Culture Eye Shadow Palette just joined the launch line-up! Giving make-up lovers around the globe the chance to POP! The new palette features 20 matte, shimmer, and satin shades of eye popping hues. A palette created to represent our brand and modernize the pop culture we live in.

Who’s excited??

Pre-orders for Artpop Cosmetics will run until September 23rd in which live ordering will begin. All orders place before the 23rd will be processed in the order in which they came in. Keep an eye out for shipping information which will be sent to the email directly associated with the account and/or order.

Pre-orders place will be directly processed on the 23rd and expected shipping will take place on the next business day, orders will then be trackable through the tracking ID sent to the email. If you experience any issues during this time or do not receive an email with tracking please contact support and provide your order ID which is in the email you received upon checkout.

Order cancellations must be done through the support email which is: and again please supply the Order ID.

Orders placed on the 23rd may be put into backorder depending on the number of pre-orders made. More info will be posted on social media and website on the 23rd.

Spread the love and spread the word! Artpop Cosmetics is about empowering everyone to feel amazing in their skin! Using the power of pop culture and trendy products to help unleash the beauty in everyone. You can help spread the word by using our products and uploading them to social media and then giving the hashtag #whatmakesYOUbeautiful for everyone else to jump on board.

This movement was started by the CEO and will always be a mark for the company as we continue to grow and develop new and exciting products. Spread love, empower the people and unleash your beauty.